How It Works

Scroll down for the Georgia Legal Food Frenzy timeline and information on registration, scoring, collecting food and funds, and delivering your donations.


April 1: Register by this day for 100 bonus points!


May 5: Last day to turn in donations for your food bank

May: Announcement of Winners

June: Recognition of Winners at Annual Bar Meeting in Miramar Beach, FL



  • Firms and Legal Organizations can sign-up to compete at
  • If you sign up by April 1st you get 100 bonus points!
  • The “Firm Champion” listed should be the designated contact person at your firm or organization. They will receive all competition related communications and responsible for sharing it with their colleagues. You can add an additional contact as well.
  • List your firm or company name as you would like it on materials.
  • When you sign up, include the total number of employees in your firm or legal organization. If you are in-house legal counsel, you should only count the number of employees in legal department, not the entire company.
  • Firms and Legal Organizations with multiple office locations in Georgia should sign up individually and only count the number of employees in their individual office, so that we can connect them with the correct Food Bank. At the end of the competition, the totals from all of the offices will be aggregated and the firm will compete as a single entity for the AG Cup.
  • Once you register (beginning March 1) we will contact the Firm Champion with additional information and connect your regional food bank contact.


  • $1=4 points. 1 pound of food =1 point. 
  • There are multiple BONUS POINT opportunities:
    • VOLUNTEER BONUS: Firms and Legal Organizations that volunteer at their regional Food Bank between Feb 1 – May 3, 2020 will receive 100 bonus points added to their total score. You will need to sign-up to volunteer with your food bank in advance.
    • EARLY BIRD BONUS: Register by April 1st for 100 Bonus Points!
    • SOCIAL MEDIA BONUS: Post about the competition at least once on one or more of your firm or organization’s social media platforms using the hashtag #GaLFF20 and tagging the Georgia Food Bank Association between February 1-May 1, 2020 for 100 Bonus Points! You will need to provide a link to the post/tweet/etc. on your end of competition campaign form in order to receive credit.
    • DELIVERY BONUS: Deliver your donations in the days following the competition (May 1-5, 2020) directly to your regional food bank for a 25% bonus to your total competition points. You need to do this to stay competitive! Online donations count as delivered.
    • The Attorney General’s Cup Winner is the firm or legal organization with the most points per employee and the Bar Presidents Award goes to the team with the most points total. Go to the awards section for additional awards.

Collecting Food & Funds

The competition is April 20-May 1. ALL fundraising and food collection must take place during this period. Any money or food collected before or after these dates will not count toward a firm's final total.

  • Monetary Donations:
    • Contributions of money are tax-deductible and are very welcome.
      • Online donations can be made at the donation link provided by your regional food bank. Again, make sure you indicate what firm it is on behalf!
      • Checks should be made payable to your regional Food Bank. They will provide you with the specific name. Make sure to indicate on the for line that the check is for the Legal Food Frenzy competition and what firm you are contributing for!
    • Capital Campaign gifts will not be counted towards your competition totals.
  • Collecting Non-Perishable Food
    • Food items will be weighed by your regional Food Bank at the end of the campaign.
    • Most needed food items are Peanut Butter, Canned Tuna, Canned Beans, Canned Soups, Stews, Pastas, 100% Fruit Juice, Canned Fruits, Vegetables, Macaroni and Cheese Dinners, Whole Grains, Low Sugar Cereals (boxed).
    • Candy will not be counted.
    • Please don’t donate food items in glass containers – they have a high risk of breaking.
    • Please do not open items that are already packed in cases, cartons, or boxes. This will make it easier for the Food Bank to pick up.

Delivering Food and Funds to your regional Food Bank

  • On Friday, May 1, fill out the online “End of Campaign” form for your regional Food Bank.
  • All donations must be delivered to or picked by your Food Bank by May 5th to count in your competition totals.
  • If a firm delivers all food and monetary contributions to their regional food bank the firm will receive a 25% bonus of tabulated points! Online donations count as "delivered.”
  • If you want your food donations to be picked up, you must notify the Food Bank of the approximate amount of food you have collected on the end of campaign form in order for the transportation department to prepare properly. Your Food Bank may not pick it up if it is under a certain amount.
  • If your firm only has a monetary contribution and wants it to be picked up, this must be communicated at the time your pick-up date is assigned so the Food Bank can send the appropriate vehicle to your firm.

More details & resources will be sent to you soon after you register. Best of luck!