How It Works

The Legal Food Frenzy is going all virtual again in 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Food donations will not be collected for the Legal Food Frenzy this year. Fundraising will take place online, but any checks collected can be mailed to your food bank at the end of the competition (more information will be sent after your team registers)!


Scroll down for the Georgia Legal Food Frenzy timeline and information on registration, scoring, and collecting funds.



March 1: Registration opens

April 1: Register by this day for 100 bonus points towards your score

April 19 - 30: 10th Annual Legal Food Frenzy competition!

April 30: Fill out the End of Campaign Form (will be provided to you)

May 5: Last day for any check donations to arrive at the food banks

TBD: Announcement of Winners and Virtual Awards Ceremony



  • Firms and Legal Organizations can sign-up to compete at
  • Sign up by April 1st to earn 100 bonus points!
  • The “Primary Contact” listed should be the designated contact person at your firm or organization for the Legal Food Frenzy. They will receive all competition-related communications and responsible for sharing them with their colleagues. You can add an additional contact as well.
  • Enter your firm, organization, or company name as you would like it listed on materials.
  • When you register, include the total number of employees at your LOCAL office only. If you are in-house legal counsel, you should only count the number of employees in your legal department, not the entire company.
  • Firms and Legal Organizations with multiple office locations in Georgia should sign up individually so that we can connect them with their local Food Bank. At the end of the competition, the totals from all related offices will be aggregated and the firm/organization will compete as a single entity for the grand prize.
  • Once you register, we will contact the Primary Contact with additional information and connect you with your regional food bank contact.


  • $1 raised = 4 points
  • There are multiple BONUS POINT opportunities:
    • EARLY BIRD BONUS: Register by April 1st to earn 100 Bonus Points!
    • END OF CAMPAIGN FORM BONUS: Complete your End of Campaign Form (will be provided to you) by or on April 30th to earn 100 bonus points.
    • SOCIAL MEDIA BONUS: Post about the competition at least once on one or more of your firm or organization’s social media platforms using the hashtag #GALFF between March 1-April 30 to earn a one-time bonus of 100 Points! You will need to provide a link to the post on your End of Campaign Form in order to receive credit.
    • The Attorney General’s Cup Winner is the firm or legal organization that earns the most points per employee and the Bar Presidents Award is presented to the team that earns the most points overall. Awards are also presented to the top performers in each category. Go to the awards section for additional details.

Collecting Funds

The competition is April 19-30. ALL fundraising must take place during this period. Any money collected before or after these dates will not count toward a team's final total. Each participating team will receive instructions on how to set up their online fundraising page beginning April 5th.

      • Online Donations: Each team will receive instructions on how to set up their online fundraising page. Teams that register before April 5 will be provided with instructions to set up their online fundraising page on April 5th. Teams that register after April 5th will receive their instructions upon registration. Donations can be made via your team's fundraising page. Please make sure your team fundraising page is set up before the competition begins so that you can hit the ground running!
      • Offline Donations (Checks/Cash): Checks should be made payable to your regional Food Bank. Make sure to indicate on the memo line that the check is for the Legal Food Frenzy competition and what fundraising team you are contributing to!
    • Any gifts made before or after April 19-30 will NOT be counted towards your competition score. Past and future-planned donations to your food bank that are unrelated to the Legal Food Frenzy will not be credited to your team for the purposes of this competition. ALL donations must take place during the competition to be counted towards your team's score. Matching gifts may be made at the end of the competition.

Delivering funds to your regional Food Bank

  • On Friday, April 30, fill out the online “End of Campaign” form for your regional Food Bank. The link to the form is included in your Champion Resource Guide and reminders to complete the form will be emailed. This form helps coordinate the delivery of any offline (check/cash) donations.
  • All offline (check/cash) donations must be mailed to or dropped off at your local Food Bank by May 5th to count towards your competition totals. Please make sure to complete the "End of Campaign Form" to coordinate the delivery of offline donations. Please note that you may have to mail your offline donations to your food bank due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please reach out to your food bank contact to find out which options are available to you locally.

More details & resources will be sent to you within 1-2 business days from the date of registration. Best of luck!