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Georgia Legal Food Frenzy – Contest Rules

  • The contest begins April 18, 2016 and ends April 29, 2016.
  • On-line registration begins March 1, 2016. (Register by April 1 and we’ll add 100 bonus pounds to your total!)
  • Awards are based on Pounds Collected Per Employee. When registering online, count each person working at your firm, regardless of position.
  • Contest ends April 29, 2016. Food and fund donations after April 29 do not count toward your final score.
  • All food and fund donations must be turned into, or picked up by, the food bank no later than May 6, 2016. Deliver your food and monetary contributions to your food bank and your firm will receive a 25% bonus of tabulated pounds! Food items will be weighed at the food bank and the results tabulated in pounds.
  • Each dollar contributed will count as four pounds of food.
  • Volunteer at your food bank between February 1 and April 29 and you will receive a bonus of 100 pounds added to your final score.
  • Contributions of money are tax-deductible and are very welcome. Cash, checks and on-line contributions should be made directly to your Food Bank. You must include the name of your firm and Legal Food Frenzy in the designation detail.
  • Capital Campaign gifts will not be counted in Legal Food Frenzy award calculations.
  • Law firms with multiple office locations will compete as a single entity for the Attorney General’s awards.
  • Candy will not be counted.
  • Please do not contribute food items in glass containers – they have a high risk of breakage.
  • Please do not open items that are already packed in cases, cartons, or boxes. This will make it easier for the Food Bank to pick up.
  • It is very important that you tell the Food Bank the approximate amount of food you have collected in order for the transportation department to prepare properly.
  • If your firm only has a monetary contribution, this needs to be communicated at the time your pick-up date is assigned so the Food Bank is aware of what form of vehicle to send to your firm.