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The Attorney General’s Cup

ag-cup The Attorney General’s Cup will be awarded to the firm or legal organization that collects the most pounds per firm employee.

In addition, the Attorney General will present a special award to the Law School collecting the most pounds per person (students and faculty).

Additional prizes will be awarded in these categories:

  • Sole Proprietor (1-2) Law Firm: Per Capita
  • Sole Proprietor (1-2) Law Firm: Total Pounds
  • Small (3-20) Law Firm: Per Capita
  • Small (3-20) Law Firm: Total Pounds
  • Medium (21 -100) Law Firm: Per Capita
  • Medium (21 -100) Law Firm: Total Pounds
  • Large (101 and up) Law Firm: Per Capita
  • Large (101 and up) Law Firm: Total Pounds
  • Legal Organization: Per Capita
  • Legal Organization: Total Pounds
  • Corporate Legal Organization: Per Capita
  • Corporate Legal Organization: Total Pounds

Food will be weighed in pounds at the Food Banks. In addition to food collected, each dollar donated will be counted as 4 pounds of food.

Firms that deliver the food and funds to the Food Banks will receive a 25% bonus in tabulated pounds.

What will it take to win the coveted Attorney General’s Cup in Georgia? You can see 2014’s winning totals here.

No matter who wins the awards, the real winners are the Georgia families your efforts will help. We are grateful to you and your colleagues for participating in the Georgia Legal Food Frenzy, and wish you the very best.